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What It Feels Like?

Riding in luxury is an experience every person should have. But it’s more than just an experience, it’s an adventure. You are teleported to this other world where leather upholstery, surround systems and climate control are a standard. Coupled with the impeccable customer service you get, you feel like royalty. All the limos come fitted with expensive upholstery, so the seating is as magnificent as you would imagine it to be.

The SV Limo fleet

SV Limos strive to bring the most on-demand limousines in the market. The fleet is comprehensive, having both ultra-luxury cars as well as stretch limousines.
Leading the pack is the duo of Rolls Royce Phantoms. There is no other car put together quite as nicely as the Phantom. In all its decades of existence, this car has been the emblem of luxury.

  • Royalty courses through its V12 engine that sits underneath the colossal bonnet.
  • It is the one car where no expense is spared.
  • Its grille that is both intimidating and awe-inspiring has been its signature since the first model was released.
  • At SV Limos, you get the option of a white, and a Royal Burgundy Rolls Royce.
  • For weddings and corporate events, there is no better option than this.

Following closely is the Baby Bentley of the SV Limo fleet. Inspired by the Chrysler 300c, the Baby Bentley is a luxurious limousine for those who want a limousine that is reserved. But its modesty is hard to see, considering its long wheelbase, lavish interior that has everything from TV and DVD players to starlit ceilings and a drinks bar.

It is a wonderful choice for a small group of girls out for a night of fun, or for a couple looking for the ultimate wedding car.

The H2 Hummers are next in line. Served in three flavours- pink, silver, and black and silver- the Hummer limousines are the best party machines there are. The Hummer has always been a head-turning car, and when it is designed as a limousine, its allure is quickly amplified. The Hummers are available for any and all party events, and redefine the meaning of classy merriments.

The final member of the SV Limo fleet pack is the Party Bus Limo. While it lacks the outward sophistication of other limousines, its interiors are particularly interesting. It is essentially a club on wheels, having a state-of-the-art surround system, and a whole lot of space to move around and dance. If you really want to party till you drop, the Party Bus Limo is the ideal limo for that.