• SV Limos offers the option of a White or a Royal Burgundy Rolls Royce for corporate events.
  • These luxury cars are maintained at peak conditions, to ensure they not only meet, but exceed the expectations of anyone fortunate enough to be inside them. The level of customer service offered with them is beyond average, as is with all other limousines offered by the company.
  • The Rolls Royce Phantom can be booked for days at a time, as corporate events sometimes span over several days. Advance bookings are encouraged, to ensure that the limo will be available for the length of time that you want it.

Corporate Limo Hire

Corporate limo hire is the one faction of limo hire that has endured for the longest time. It’s unsurprising really, considering that the wealthy folks who inspired the creation of limousines to begin with, desired a car with beyond ordinary characteristics. And now, more than a century later, limos are still hired by the affluent, who feel the need to make a statement wherever they go.

Corporate limo hire has of course involved with times. And unlike the days past when corporate people desired a vehicle with an unconventionally long wheelbase, they now make do with an ultra-luxurious vehicle with a modest seating of four.

Making an Entrance

We live in a world where making a statement carries a lot of importance. Image matters, and a lot, since the world has evolved into one where appearances make you rank better in the eyes of others.

If your particular business indulgences demand that you make a statement at a particular event, limo hire does not disappoint.

Unlike conventional luxury cars which are largely available on public roads, ultra-luxurious ones are a rare thing, and showing up in one makes you stand out from the rest.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is the emblem of success.

It is a finely crafted car that has jaw-dropping looks, luxury that is otherworldly, and performance that almost rivals that of supercars, it is the ultimate car to hire for a corporate occasion.

It only seats four, but in a level of comfort that surpasses that of every other car on the road.

You get plenty of elbow room, leg and head room.

The leather interiors exude of class, and together with the carpeted floors and climate control, you get that feeling that you are perhaps the most important person who ever lived.

It seems like a bit of an exaggeration, but the experience you get in the Rolls Royce simply makes you feel like that.

Rolls Royce Phantom at SV Limos

SV Limos appreciates the importance of corporate limo hire. The CEO of a Fortune 500 Company needs to feel that sense of importance trailing them everywhere they go.

They need to feel that their success is expressed in the kind of life they lead. There is no better way to capture all this than with a Rolls Royce Phantom driving them up to their next meeting in Stoke or Birmingham.

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