SV Limos understands the need for girls to let loose before sending off one of their own down the aisle and, consequently, offers hen night limo hire services. The choice of a limo is not limited to the Pink Party alone, and the Black and Silver Party Bus is as ideal as the Silver Hummer and the black and silver Mega Hummer Hire.
The limos can be had for a couple of hours or days, depending on how long the hen party is. Given these limos' adequate seating, a bride-to-be can bring her entire circle of friends.
The rides are all chauffeured, and with a planned itinerary, the girls need not worry about anything. SV Limos strives to ensure that all expectations are met and the service accorded is impeccable. So if you have a hen night coming up and have yet to work out any ideas, start by booking a limo. Everything else will fall into place after that.


Hen Party Limo Hire

Hen nights are a must for a would-be bride. It's hard to trace back to when this tradition first started, but it has become a staple in these modern times.

For a long time, hen nights have been seen as an excuse to engage in evil, all in the name of having that one last wild night out before the nuptials. And while the girls certainly have the liberty of indulging in whatever activity they please, it is entirely possible to make the whole occasion memorable and classy, debauchery not withstanding.

What Does A Hen Night Mean?

For most people, the image conjured of a hen night is a crazy drinking spree coupled with male entertainment. But while this still defines what most girls do collectively on this special night, there is an underlying significance. Hen nights provide a chance for female bonding.

When the girls get together, they trade secrets and enjoy each other's company. This reinforces those ties and makes them grow closer. Of course, this does not get in the way of having fun, especially not in this age when limo hires can be part of that equation.

Hen Night Limo Hire

Luxury limo hire for the hen night, or hen weekend, as some girls would have it, adds a special touch to the entire experience. A limo is the most extravagant means of transportation and the ideal choice for a woman who is about to walk away from singlehood.
Its plush interiors, coupled with mirrored ceilings and neon lighting, create a party atmosphere that kickstarts the bachelorette party. With a fully stocked bar also on the cards, you can pop the bubbly and start chatting away as the night of fun comes to life.
For a hen night, finding a choice more compelling than the pink party bus hire is hard. This mechanical brute is tamed by the shade of pink, exposing its femininity.
Coupled with the custom interiors, surround systems, and comfortable seating, it is the perfect party companion for a group of girls to have as much fun as possible.
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