• SV Limos offers an elaborate fleet of limos ideal for proms. There is the Silver Hummer and the grander Black and Silver Mega Hummer. There’s the party bus, which offers most eccentricities of the Hummer duo, but with more room.
  • The Baby Bentley Limousine is also good, for those couples that prefer to travel in a smaller crowd. All these limos can be made available for that special occasion, if they are booked in good time.
  • Reservations are recommended because they give the company enough time to make all the arrangements. Besides, since prom season creates a demand for these extravagant rides, advance bookings ensure that you get the limo you want before anyone else.
  • You only get one chance at having a prom, so it only makes sense to do it right. Spoiling yourself to a chauffeured limousine with plush interiors, and a stocked bar (soft drinks) is one way to guarantee an extra-ordinary experience that will stick with years after you join college.

School Proms

No other event is as revered as the senior school prom. All those experiences of senior school culminate with this single event that leaves memories that are carried for an entire lifetime.

A long-standing tradition that has endured for decades, Prom has grown with significant to become the most anticipated night of the entire senior school calendar. Here in the UK, the tradition does not stretch as far back as it does in the US, but it is nonetheless important.

A Prom to Remember

There are many ways to make a prom memorable, but there is one that stands above the rest. Sure, you could have the most extravagant attire, or the hottest date. But if you really want to add that sparkle to your prom, you cannot beat limo hire.

Limousine hire is a growing habit, and prom remains one of the most important events where it can be taken advantage of. Arriving at the prom venue in an expensive car sets you up for a fun night.

Regardless of whatever experiences you’ve had in your senior school, there is something magical about stepping out of a Silver Hummer Limousine. Your spirit gets lifted, your mind becomes more aware, and your confidence and esteem are at an all-time high. Coupled with a date you adore in hand, there is no better recipe for a successful prom.

A Limo Makes Sense

Prom limo hire makes a lot of sense. Chances are, you will hire the limo with other couples, so the overall cost is divided. Some limos can accommodate as many as 16 people, or in this case, 8 couples.

They are built with spacious and luxurious interiors, so each person seats comfortably, with plenty of leg room. Since the costs are shared, it becomes possible to book a limo for an extended period of time.

Photography sessions with a limo are always more colorful. Since every moment of prom is basically worthy of being captured, having an extravagant limousine as the backdrop of your photographs gives the whole occasion a more exclusive feel.

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