• SV Limos has an elaborate collection of limousines you can hire for any of the racing days or the champion's day. The Silver Hummer Hire would be an ideal choice if you will be in a group to show your support for a jockey who'll be participating. It has spacious seating, luxurious interiors, and rich entertainment options, in case you feel the need to celebrate after they win their respective races.
  •  The big Limousines Hire have bars, so bringing a party to life is as easy as popping some bubbles, putting on some music, and letting the neon lights go wild. 

Race Days

Sporting events have a firm place in English culture. Football perhaps leads the pack, and no other sport quite works up a following like this one. It's no surprise considering it attracts a fanbase that spans multiple continents. Back home, however, there is another that has a standard all its own: Royal Ascot.
Horses are no longer considered a primary means of transportation thanks to our industrial advances, but these unassuming beasts are still valued, especially here in the UK. They are cared for so well and nurtured to do the one thing they excel at running. In the little affluent town of Ascot, thoroughbreds thrive, and consequently, they prepare the royal masses for a racing event that rivals all the others offered elsewhere in the United Kingdom.


It might be argued that the Royal Ascot has more royalty than racing. But we maintain that the event is true to its sporting roots, and provides enough of an adrenaline rush to make it a real racing event. But unlike other races, where the odds are determined by the finesse that goes into putting the cars together, in the Royal Ascot, the chances of winning are determined by the strength of the thoroughbred and the skill of the rider. Since biological variables are in play, the entire thing is more engrossing.

Attending In Class


The royal part of Ascot has evidenced throughout the Racing Days Limo Hire with the presence of the Royal Family, the exquisiteness of the racecourse itself, and the magnitude of the winnings. If you are a big fan of the Ascot, it only makes sense to attend in a manner that is consistent with the aura of an event. 
Limo Hire or car with "cherished" number plates for the Ascot is perhaps the most direct, unapologetic way to show your support for the sport. With the dates preset for each racing season, it is possible to plan out your attendance by making your bookings early enough and getting your friends in on it. These kinds of events are never as fun if you don't attend in large numbers. With Ascot, three is a company, and ten is a party.
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